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Norah Island -North East Bay


This Island is a little over 1 acre in Total. As you will see in the photos, the outer .68 acres is crown lot 574

and the inner parcel .49 acres is Lot 571 which is the private part we own. 

North East Bay is in Process To protect the Marine waters and  Upland Watershed of Russ Creek from any further Non Compatible  Commercial Development. The outer edge on the Island that is Crown will also be Protected.

You are sounded by Pristine Viewscapes in every Direction.

Russ Creek has a trail system that has been developed over the years and givers you access to the most Beautiful waterfalls on Texada Island, Right in your own Back Yard. This area is on the B C Marine trails Site. You have a coastline to Kayak , Swim, and Dive in Right off the Island.

There is deep water Moorage and Dock Space off the Island on the inside, of lot 571.

Your Access to Fresh Water is from Russ Creek. Which you can use without a permit for domestic purposes only.

If you are searching for a reasonably priced Island in the Salish Sea, this Island gives you that opportunity.

You can read our ad on.  (  www.privateislandsonline )

This Island is named after Norah McQuarrie who petitioned the BC government to Purchase the Island back in 1953.

She had camped on it for years with her Family.  There has never been anything built on the Island and it is in Pristine condition.

The Flora is Beautiful due to having no deer to browse the plants and flowers. The Fauna consist of Marine life in abundance. Orcas, Humpback Whales, Seals, Sea Lions, Marine Birds, Blue Herons, Cormorants, Eagles, just to name a few and all use the Lagoon area to feed and get protection from Northerlies and Southerly blows.  The area is a Designated Boat Haven Protection Zone.     

The Island is nicely Elevated, Treed and is relatively flat on top. There are Spacaular views in all directions.

The Snowy Mountains of coastal range behind the Sunshine Coast are on full display.

You are set back just far enough from Texada Island to get all day sun and Beautiful sunrises in the morning.

This Island is located in the Powell River Regional District with no Zoning and No Building Permits. You can start building the day  you become the owners.

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