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These Parcels of Land are  Part of a 561 acre reserve that is a remnant of the past. Something Unusual to See. There is also 2000 acres of Crown land surrounding most of the reserve that is part of a greater area called the Woodwardia Conservation lands on the Texada Official Community Plan.

When People talk about Loving Mother Earth, Places like this are rare, So by becoming the New Stewards of this land, this Topia, You will have the Privilege to Live in a place that Will Heal you just By being in Its Presence.  From its Upland Watersheds To the incredable ocean front you will know you have come home. It's hard to Describe the Feelings of walking in a place that has had such little Human impact and retains much of its Wildness.

They did Come for some of its Timber Resources a long time ago, never a clearcut. But its not about what they took. Its about what they left. You can walk and Hike for days without seeing another human. When you do encounter another Person, you will sense there excitement about what they have seen, Heard and experienced, that it will be obvious that we all have an apprietation for Wild Places.

You will encounter Original First Nations, The Flora and Fauna, None of them are Human.

This Sanctuary is a great educator of humans on how we must leave vast tracts of land free of human Exploitation, so that all who Commune with its life giving forces can go away knowing that they must make choices to allow all of life to have a place to live and Thrive with humans on this one and only planet we call home. The fact that this Planet's atmosheare sustains an incredible amount of rare ecosystems, that give life to humans as well as all Life, be them Sentient or in other forms as Water, Rock, Wind, Soil, Deep Seas, High Mountains and the Circle of life, that we all depend on. 

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