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Woodwardia Village Lot 404


This 189 acre Parcel, is home to what we call the Village. It is currently Off the Grid but Power is at the Main Gate and On the Maple Bay border of the property. It has currently 3 cabins,  Workshop, Greenhouse, Storage areas, a Lumber mill and various other buildings. There is further expansion of Three addition Cabins in and around the Village area and in the Maple Bay portion of the Property. There are many different ways Woodwardia Village could be used.

You could Combine the Three additional cabins into a larger home or Ecological Educational centre, Small Hotel or Accommodations. A Private Residence, with enough room for Extended Family to Visit. A Marine Biological Station, in the Heart of the Salish Sea.  Studying the rare and endangered CDF, COASTAL Douglas Fir, Geo-Bio Climactic zone.( See attached Publication).

On the Waterfront there are Three main Bays,Maple Bay,  Eagle Cove and Galapogos Bay. Several other small beaches around the Islands in front of the Parcel, Called the "Galapagos". This area has many diverse Eco Terrains, Rare Plants, Protected Marine Species,

(Seals, Sea Lions,Humpback Whales, White Sided Dolphins, Harbor Porpoise) and Families of  River Otters and Mink.  The Avian life is a Birders Paradise. From Fresh water Ducks, Sea Ducks, Coastal Species and the Iconic Eagles (With Nest) to Great Blue Herons, King Fishers, Ospreys, Oyster Catchers, Egrets, Pigeon Gullimonts, both with nesting Cliffs just around the Corner. 

The vast intertidal zone that Extends for miles down the coast, is a Bio Sphere unto itself. There is a life time of Exploration to be experience from this Oceanfront Parcel. (See Intertidal Zone Info) .

All of the Photos were taken on the land or adjacent Crown Land.

By Purchasing this Land you will have the opportunity to Steward the future of the Eco-system in Perpetuity.  

This parcel has a Conservation Covenant placed on it, as to protect the land from over development. See Attached Form.

The Conservation Covenant  Protects the Land on the Title and is Held by " The Land Conservancy of British Columbia"


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